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Belgian Horses for Sale (124)

It’s easy to tell a Belgian apart from most other horse breeds thanks to its size. This large horse stands as high as 18 hands. It usually weighs between 1800 and 2000 pounds, however, some stallions can be as heavy is 2400. The color is usually chestnut and roan. The mane and tail are mostly white or blonde. The solid colors make them easier to breed and sell. The massive built of this horse is visible to the naked eye. As if in contrast to their massive appearance, these horses are usually very quiet, coldblooded, and patient. These equines make great workers. They were used as war and wagon horses. In the modern days, they participate in shows, parades, and various horse contests. They can be crossbred to create sport and riding equines. Belgian horses have a rich history. Its ancestors were medieval war horses. They originated from Brabant, which is the modern Belgium. Brabant horses still live in Europe but they slightly differ from the American Belgian breed. You can find several Belgian horses for sale in this section.


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$$ 3,500

showy draft mare

Sold horse breeder Belgian Horses, price $ 3,500. More information can be found on the phone , or you can ask the seller a question […]

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$$ 500

Light riding/pasture beauty Belgian!!!! Husband safe!!!

Sold horse breeder Belgian Horses, price $ 500. More information can be found on the phone 3523180394, or you can ask the seller a question […]

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$$ 5,500

Quiet steady well broke Team of Belgian Geldings

Sold horse breeder Belgian Horses, price $ 5,500. More information can be found on the phone 218-556-2280, or you can ask the seller a question […]

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