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Buckskin Horses for Sale (67)

Buckskin is a color, not a horse breed. However, the American Buckskin Registry Association registers horses with this color coat. There is a special gene responsible for the buckskin color. It’s called a cream gene. Basically, it dilutes other colors to create a creamy appearance.  The cream gene is also responsible for creating a palomino hue. A horse that would otherwise have a bay or brown color will become buckskin if it carries a cream gene. In many cases, the gene affects just the body. The legs, the muzzle, mane, and tail can stay black or brown. The color of such horses can vary from pale cream to golden brown. All depends on whether or not both parents carry the cream gene. If one parent has it, then the color is not as diluted. If both parents carry the gene, then the horse gets a lighter coat color. You can browse through Buckskin horses for sale on this website http://www.h-4.ca/


Waterproof Lipgloss

Our History Guangzhou Choice Cosmetics Factory has focused on top quality cosmetics products for over 10 years in China. We started as a small operation, […]

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white nightstand factory

JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd is the premier manufacturer and supplier of quality furniture based on modern design principles. We are known throughout the industry for […]

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back heating pad for sale

10 temperature heating pad at walmart BLV-HP200L heating pad material belongs to warp knitting fabric with stamp welding manufacturing. 100-120V voltage. This style heating pad […]

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MM beans forming line

Our Product Shanghai Beyond International Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier and exporter of food processing equipment such as chocolate making equipment, cndy making machines, potato […]

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Crusher Spare Parts suppliers China

gyratory crusher introduction: gyratory crusheris composed of transmission parts, base, eccentric sleeve, broken cone, beam, oil cylinder , hydraulic parts. Features: 1. gyratory crusheris stable […]

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China Lost Wax Metal Casting

Ningbo QS Machinery Inc. Consist of two steel foundries and a machining shop, owns abundant technical advantages and rich experiences, and specializes in providing integrated […]

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China Polished Glazed Tiles suppliers

Name: Polished Glazed Floor Tiles Item No.: Jade Series Usage: Indoor Floor/wall Material: Polished Glazed porcelain tile Size: 600x600mm(24×24), 800x800mm(32×32) Quick Details: Description Polished Glazed […]

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Vortex Pump suppliers

Products introduction: QB clean water pump belongs to the vortex pump direct-coupled motor and pump, simple structure, small size, light weight, higher head, the flow […]

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